Report Date: 05/01/2014

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Mary's Beautiful Lambchop
Name: Mary's Beautiful Lambchop
AKC #: TS133143/03 07-14 Breed/Variety: Shih Tzu
Birth Date: 10/11/2012 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: White
Breeder(s): Loretta Leitenberger
Mary's Beautiful Lambchop
TS133143/03 07-14
Lorry's Nova Gone Wicksy
TS019396/01 09-11
AKC DNA #V620759
Liberty's Just Like Casper
TR175714/04 12-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V486662
Thompson's Beastie Baby
TN796832/03 04-01
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V277752
TN487157/01 03-99
Brindle & White
Princess Heidi Ann
TN670291/04 03-99
Brindle & White
Liberty's Winnie The Pooh
TP279788/03 02-04
Red & White
Mr Belmont Toddy Tuxedo Of Mi-Shu
TN478696/03 10-98
Silver & White Black Markings
AKC DNA #V84016
Ama's Miss Cheyanne Wyoming
TN425590/06 12-00
Brindle & White
sweet and sassy bluebelle
TR244559/03 06-06
AKC DNA #V583411
Rudolph Valentino Belland
TP303525/03 08-03
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V368453
Bentley Bojangles Adkins
TP199861/01 10-02
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V241890
Champaign Chewy Chow Adkins
TN720743/02 08-99
Madison Monet Belland
TP310940/04 01-04
Lord Bailey Belland
TP199860/03 12-02
Princess Abigayle Belland
TP181766/04 12-02
Black & White
Krikkit's Divine Eclipse
TS080805/05 02-13
Sir Chibi
TR554091/01 06-09
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V654642
Whispering White Kasper
TR131742/01 07-04
AKC DNA #V324930
Mason's Lil Jack Rabbit Cash
TP269060/02 03-03
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V294840
Weaving Through The "Ivy"
TP278460/01 03-03
Gold & White
Little Miss Muffy XXIII
TP185224/02 05-03
Gold & White
Wikkitt Ark
TN327115/01 03-01
Gold & White
Wikkits Littlest Trikkit
TP046938/02 08-01
Brindle & White Black Mask
Kasper's Ko-Ko Latte
TR612925/01 03-08
Gold Black Markings
Eddies Expectations
TR483279/03 06-07
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V454690
Halpains Hummer
TR224627/01 08-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V387604
Halpains Synthias Expectations
TP325037/05 06-06
Black & White
Lyssies Miss Laila
TR067919/03 01-05
Gold Black Mask
MR. Macduffy
TP200984/02 02-03
Brindle & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V299834
Wikkitts Little Crikkitt Ark
TN676827/02 03-01
Brindle Black Mask
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