I reserve the right to first choice of each litter for the betterment of my breeding program. 


Puppies pictures are posted when born. I do have wait list.  Puppies are priced on individual basis according to their size, color, quality, pedigree, and gender. 
  Deposit $675.00 (non refundable) plus half price when puppy is chosen, then the next payment in 4 weeks. Puppies are to be paid in full at 8 weeks unless other arrangements are made or you will lose deposit and Puppy will be relisted for purchase.

1)Standard size, 10-15 lbs  $20.75- $2475. - males, $2075 - $2675 - Females. Pet price no breeding or showing rights.

2)Imperial size, 6 -9lbs.  $2075 - $2875.  Pet prices no breeding or showing rights.
Depends on sex, size, color, features and pedigree.

puppies smaller than 5lbs are $2250. to $3050.  I do not usually give Full AKC to girls under 6 lbs. unless an approved breeder who is experienced with tiny puppies. No beginner breeders. 
Females are price higher than males.
However, males do make the most wonderful loving pets.  I say I love my girls but my boys love me the most.  :)

I do have rare colors Rose Blue and White, Lavenders, red livers.

These are Pet Prices with Limited registration. AKC limited registration is mailed when prof of spay /neuter has been done by license Vet or clinic.  And after I have verified surgery. 

Full AKC Breeding and showing rights will be considered to small home breeder.  And must be approved by me.  And there is addition Full AKC fee
$1000.00  Breeding rights CAN NOT BE TRANSFER TO ANOTHER BREEDER OR PERSON WANTING TO BREED.  My puppies can not be used in stud service, or bred with another breeders dogs.  I do not give back breeding upgrade if you decide not to breed.  I do not take a puppy back I do not take a puppy back if you decide the puppy does not work out in your home.  I can not guarantee a puppy will grow and fit your expectations for your breeding program. If you rehome a puppy you must have puppy spayed or neutered before they leave. No transfer of breeding rights.

Puppies recieve  shots at age 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks of age. Puppies are to be checked with in 48 hours of their arrival to their forever home.  See contract.

Spay/Neuter contract for Limited AKC registration (Pet) with purchase of puppy.  Papers will be sent upon reciept of Vet Certificate of precedure proformed before puppy reaches 6 months of age.  Full AKC papers will be sent at the time of delivery.  Puppies are not fully vaccinated until they have received all puppy vaccinations and I suggest they not go out in public where there are other dogs (pet stores, grooming, pet parks) until fully vaccinated.  



Deposits are non refundable.

Deposit $500 (non refundable)for Puppy plus 1/2 price of Puppy price when Puppy is chosen and Puppy is to be to be paid in full by 8 weeks.  unless we have different agreement. Deposit is non refundable
. No exceptions unless arrangements are made. 

Payments are to be made through Venmo or Zelle.

I do not place puppies on hold without deposit.  They are still available.  If puppies are not paid in full by 8 weeks. They can be relisted.

No personal checks or cashier checks are accepted. No PayPal.

I also reserve the right to refuse a sale if it does not feel like the right match for both family and puppy. (even after a deposit is accepted and non refundable deposit is not refunded). In my breeding program I am most concern that the right family get the right puppy and right puppy to the right family.  It is my responsiblity to place the puppy in the right home.  I pray very hard about where my puppies go.  Best when a match is made in heaven.
  My puppies are well socialized before they leave and also wee wee pad trained and very easy to transition to your choice of housebreaking.  If you see a puppy you really like then lets move towards making him or her yours today.  I will allow you to make payments on puppy however puppies are to be paid in full by 8 weeks. 

Deposit is non refundable. Payments paid is good for one year and may be transfered to future puppy. 

Puppies cannot go home before 10 weeks.  And I reserve the right to keep them longer if I feel they are not ready to go at 12 weeks.  Normal time is 10 to 16 weeks  depending on size and how well they are doing with weaning process.

Up to $600. depending on where the puppy is going. I have a very good pet nanny and she will deliver to major airport near you.  Pick up arrangements made with pet nanny as to where to meet at the airport.


Delivery by Car:

I will be happy to deliever your puppy to you by car.  It will depend upon mileage. I will deliever puppy to owner only unless written concent by owner on who is to pick up puppy.  Also confirmed by photo ID. (such as Drivers license)

Examples:  Based on Round Trip.
Hickory  - 120 Miles
Charlotte or Greensboro - 225 Miles
Gastonia - 190 Miles


Wilkesboro $25.00
Greensboro airport $50.00
Charlotte airport $75.00




Vaccination information
Vaccination information

Puppies recieve their first shots at age 6 then  9, 12 and 16 weeks.

Shots include:  Parvo, Parvo/Distemper, Distemper-Hepatis (Cav-2),  Canine Parovirus,  Parainfluenza and Bordetella , And then Last Rabies after they travel to forever homes.  They are dewormed beginning at two weeks  and then Every two weeks until going home.  This protocol also for prevention for coccidi and giardia.

Rabies due after Puppies go to forever home at the time your vet and state requires. They do not need shots again for one year. 

It will be your choice of parasite control after you obtain your new baby.

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